Starbucks Cold Brew

I was browsing the starbucks app menu the other day to look at all the nutrition facts for their drinks for fun– yes I’m one of those people. To be honest even prior to dieting I always liked looking at statistic stuff so…  (◕‿◕)

So for those on low-carb probably know you can just get black coffee and add some sugar-free syrups, heavy whipping cream ( or half-and-half)… but for their  (specialty I guess? ) menu drinks, you can try a Cold Brew with Milk at 3 carbs!

How did it fare in terms of taste though…?

See, I wasn’t lying about the low carbs!

I’m no nutritionist but I’m guessing the carbs comes from the milk– which in any case you could just ask for a carb-free substitute I assume. If not it’s whatever the “chocolatey, citrus” flavor comes from.

I’m not sure… if my drink was made correctly since in my first photo it didn’t look like there was anything added to the coffee at all. And boy did it taste awful. (。•́︿•̀。)

I even added almond milk, cream, and torani sugar-free syrup to it and wasn’t able to make it taste good… I’ve become less and less of a Starbucks fan over the years–at least for their coffee. It says something then the free coffee I get from local donut shops taste better.

To be fair when I frequented Starbucks more in the past it was always for Frappes. It’s a shame but maybe until this low-carb thing is over I need to find a different place for my coffee fix.

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