LA Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog 

So I was in LA last week for Anime Expo 2016 and finally decided on trying a bacon-wrapped hot dog from one of the street vendors. Apparantly they’re kinda known as an LA thing? Or.. I don’t know, I just recall the Miku thing AX did a few years back when she talked about them. LOL.


I’m actually not really a fan of hot dogs in general. Like the only time I willingly choose to eat one is at a beach bonfire and I’m starving. And well, at con my sis and I decided to get one since we were limited in food options due to still being on keto.

I did not eat the bun… since carbs.. yeah. We also got them right when they started selling so it wasn’t super greasy… in fact even the bun stayed decently dry! Also I don’t eat with condiments…

The taste was… decent. It definitely didn’t taste like a hot dog–like that strong bologna taste was absent. But it didn’t taste too typical sausage either.. like there wasn’t that strong Italian sausage or bratwurst-like spice or texture. Honestly I can’t think of a good comparison. LOL. ┐( ̄ヘ ̄;)┌

I actually didn’t eat the onions since they weren’t cooked down enough for my liking. ( Though for those going low-carb, don’t grill down too much cause caramelized onions are kinda carb-heavy! )

The bacon doesn’t add to the taste. So if you’re looking to get a bacon fix, this isn’t it. The bacon is really thin… if I had to guess it’s moreso there to keep the sausage moist while it cooks than to actually flavor it. σ( ̄、 ̄〃)

So overall, they were decent. My sister really liked it and she’s more of a hot dog person–plus she ate it with condiments and the onions so maybe it’s better than me just eating the sausage LOL.ヽ(o^―^o)ノ

They were 5 bucks each so it wasn’t that bad by con food standards. If you’re in LA it’s worth trying at least once.


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