Slapfish Lobster everything!

So during OC Resturant Week a while back I decided to try Slapfish on impulse since… well, lobster!!! ╮(︶▽︶)╭  ( also this will be very low-carb unfriendly since this was before I did keto )

Things about me and lobster:

  • I am kinda a noob when it comes to lobster.
  • My main experience with lobster is those huge whole spiced lobsters you order at an Asian restaurant.
  • I love lobster bisque.

I choose the chowder fries, melted  clobster beignets, and lobster roll!

I think this was complimentary? I don’t remember… anyway this was just like a piece of toast with their special thick chowder and bacon thrown over it. It… was very good. (/_\) Though it was pretty heavy… as with everything else at this place so keep that in mind if you ever try this place!

Similar to the previous dish, this is the chowder fries. Uhh the only difference is the fries so if potatoes are your thing you’d prob like this. I prefer the bread since I’m not a potato person…

The Clobster Beignets are basically a crab/lobster mix battered and deep-fried. Surprising it wasn’t as flavorful as I thought it’d be. Like everything kinda just blended together in this weird mushy and crunchy texture. I guess you’re supposed to eat it with the provided sauce but I’m not a fan of condiments so…

It probably would’ve helped the blandness. I did take the leftovers home and my mom really liked it so I’m probably in the minority haha.

This was a half roll, not a full one. 😦 They give you a generous amount of lobster but hmm… I just wasn’t wowed for some reason. I don’t think the roll compliments the lobster very well… like you have this fresh seafood and it’s served in this mediocre bread.  The overall taste wasn’t bad but I honestly would’ve preferred the lobster on the toast. LOL.


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