Kiku Garlic Salmon Bowl 

I usually recommend Kiku in Huntington Beach ( across Westminster mall ) to friends who love salmon and aren’t on a budget.

You get a ton of fish, it’s super fresh, and they have a bunch of unique rolls if you’re into those. The drawback is that this place is pretty pricey compared to your average sushi joint. And half the menu doesn’t have a set price since it’s based off market price of the day. ( which just means it’s hella fresh )

But I do think you get what you pay for. The garlic salmon bowl I got was a little under.. 20? But I got like, a pound of fish. Yum!

The usual waitress is really friendly and engaging but not overly so in a way that it feels intrusive. I remember the first time I ate there with my sister she gave us complimentary dessert and wrote welcome to the family on our check. Soooo cute!

The taste I assume is based off how fresh the fish they use that day and personally I’ve had great dishes everytime I’ve gone. ( their CHIRASHI is sooooo good )

I’ve heard they often run out of fish for the day though I’ve never encountered this problem… I tend to see a lot of regulars every time I go so they obviously have a loyal customer base haha!

It’s definitely worth a visit if you like sushi ( or just salmon ) !

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