Pork Beef Patties 

You can totally eat this with buns or whatever suits your fancy; since I’m on low-carb, we omitted the buns and ate this protien style.

It looks heavy but was surprisingly very light and filling. And really moist– compared to just a pure beef patty ( and most places use lean meat ..)

This isn’t really supposed to be a cooking blog but shares recipe anyway incase anyone wants to replicate it! It’s a pretty easy thing to make.


  • Ground beef ( higher fat the better, I used 30%)
  • Ground pork
  • Salt
  • Cheese ( used American and Swiss )
  • Onion(s)
  • Lettuce

The amount of meat needed is just dependent on how many patties you wanna make.

Simply mix your meat together, salt/pepper/add whatever seasonings and make your patties. ( they also make good sliders LOL ) Grill them  up, grill some onions , throw on your cheese and eat it in a lettuce wrap. 🙂

*avoid caramelizing the onions if you’re on low-carb though!


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