Cauldron ice cream

This was my second time eating here– to be honest when craving liquid nitrogen ice cream I usually go to Creamistry.

They both have a… different atmosphere. Creamistry offers more options and has that mainstream baskin-Robbins feel. I feel like the ice cream is a lot sweeter too? Cauldron  has a limited amount of options and their taste is more subtle.

If you’re the type to throw a bazillion toppings on your dessert then you’d probably like Creamistry more. If you just prefer the ice cream then Cauldron is probably for you.

As for what I tried, it was their signature ” the cauldron ” which has thin mints (?) mixed into it along with Oreo … I think? It was pretty good. 🤓

The lovely thing about using liquid nitrogen is that you don’t get ice crystals so the ice cream is super creamy. I’d definitely rec ice cream fans to try it at least once… ( if you haven’t already in your chemistry classes ! LOL )


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