Vie de France @ South Coast Plaza

Hello guys! It’s been a while but I’m off keto so I’m not as limited in eateries anymore HAHA !

I’ve been going to this cafe since high school… It’s usually hit or miss depending.

The bread they provide comes from their bakery which is located next to the resturant. It’s your typical generic baguette served with butter. One annoyance that I have is that the butter is always still cold/stiff making it hard to spread… There used to be candles on the tables so I usually would just use that to soften the butter but they seemed to have removed them since the last time I’ve been here…

I always get the French  onion soup whenever I go here and I’m not sure if it was just an off-day or the recipe has changed since I last dined here. Usually there’s a ton of cheese on top but this time it just looks like they threw a slice of cheese over it??? The thin square shape seems to suggest this…

The broth, while not bad per say , is very… Light and not really rich as you would expect with French onion soup. To me it was a negative though since I’ve had their soup plenty of times before and was expecting a certain taste…

The special of the day was the club pasta which consists of ham, bacon, mushrooms, and garlic cream sauce over fettuccine and served with garlic bread. Despite how heavy it looks it was pretty light in flavor which depending on how you like your pasta can be a positive or a negative.

Overall, it was an average experience. It’s not fine dining — just a quick eats cafe so I can’t grade it too harshly lol.


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