P.o.p candy butter crunch 


“We handmake our all-natural butter crunch (imagine buttery toasty toffee without corn syrup and packed with toasted nuts) from scratch in small batches using clean quality ingredients, and get it to you while it’s nice and fresh. “

A little while ago I came across a booth at a food fair selling p.o.p. candy “butter crunch” and being a fan of toffee ( I was an Almond Roca kid ), I had to give it a try. I originally intended to get a bag as a gift but the lady I spoke with stated that each batch was best eaten with 1-2 weeks so… yeah. I wasn’t seeing that friend for a while so… ah well.

I’m not exactly sure what qualifies as a butter crunch. Is it a more butter toffee? Is it just a fancy name for a specific type of toffee? Is it more similar to brittle? Or maybe a love child in-between?

Taste-wise it’s not… bad. It’s quite light in flavor… almost oddly savory. I think because of the lack of corn syrup, there’s more focus on the “nutty” flavor rather than a sugary one. Creamy and nutty is how I’d describe it. LOL.

I only tried the pecan one so it’s a pretty standard normal flavor. However, they offer some bizarre combinations like curry or fire pistachio. :O

For more information, you can check out their website here.

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