The Loop Churros

Okay so I had these last night. Short story- my sis saw it on the way home and told me at dinner and we just decided to give it a try. LOL

Apparently it’s kinda new and pretty hyped? According to the yelp reviews anyway… some say it doesn’t live up to the hype and others say it’s bombdiggity delish.

As a churro connoisseur whose past experiences in Disneyland, Costco, and theme park churros… let me share my honest opinion. 😀

The place wasn’t too crowded but I mean, it was a Thursday night. There was a group of people outside just chatting but I mean, it’s Little Saigon so you expect that LOL.

So there’s three types of churros you can get. A plain churro with a dipping sauce, a glazed churro with some sort of icing+toppings, or a churro with ice cream + toppings.

We felt that a plain churro wasn’t going to do it… and an ice cream would sog up the churro before we got it home so we decided on getting a glazed churro each.

Sis got the cookies and cream one which uses a white chocolate cream and crumbled oreos. You can probably see they didn’t really do a good job coating it…

I got the cookie butter one which was the current seasonal special? Or something. Again the coating is so… sloppy. We seriously got our order like 30 seconds after we paid for it… Like I’m all for fast service but make it look like there was some effort involved instead of just haphazardly throwing it on?

Like I’m not sure if this is how they’re supposed to be but trying both of them… you can’t even tell what flavor they’re supposed to be since the cinnamon of the churro overpowers the “glaze”. You’re better off just getting the plain churro and dipping it.

That being said, the churro itself isn’t bad. It tastes a lot like.. cinnamon toast crunch if I had to be honest. LOL It’s a lot more… crunchy? There’s more ridges which, I dunno more surface area or something.

The glaze churros are a little under 5 dollars when you include tax… I don’t really think it’s worth it but for the plain ones that come with a dipping sauce– it’s not a bad deal (they’re cheaper). If you’re craving a churro and not going to Disneyland anytime soon… this place is worth a try for your cinnamony churro fix.


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