Despite living in SoCal for the entirety of my life, I’ve never gone to the Farmer’s Market ( aka the Grove ) in LA. I’ve always wanted to-and have made plans on many occasions to stop by whenever I was in the area or just in LA in general. A visit after LACMA… a dinner before a musical at Disney concert hall… a little detour after some shopping in the fashion district.It became almost a running joke that I’d never go. LOL

With friends visiting SoCal, it was became a perfect excuse to give the Grove a visit after a touristy trip to Hollywood. For lunch we decided on Monsieur Marcel, a cafe + imported foods shop combo.

The complimentary bread was good. This was my first time getting crackers as well… I didn’t try them since I didn’t want the extra carbs lol. (˵ ͠ಥ‿ ͠ಥ˵)…

I wanted to like the French onion soup– the cheese was good (of course) but the soup base… was… uh… different. It wasn’t bad but not quite what I expect when I want French Onion soup. It has a more.. flavored.. almost tomato-y taste== somewhat reminiscent of some variants I’ve had at American-cuisine places. I wonder if this is an “Americanized” style? (๑•̀д•́๑)

LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THE CROQUE MONSIEUR. Gosh, I know everyone raves about the one sold at Disneyland but this was waaaay better…. I think it has to do with the blend of cheeses they use…

Though I guess people like the Disneyland one cause it’s like.. desserty? IDK.. I like my ham and cheese to be simple but tasty. 😉

The fries were okay–again I’m not a potato person so my preference leans toward how non-potato-y it tastes. LOL these were kinda chip like?

Anyway afterwards we got ice cream at Bennett’s.

It was… typical “home-style” ice cream. Good but I wasn’t overall super impressed. It might’ve been cause I was still too full or maybe there’s just a lot of ice cream places local to me… It’s a decent place to grab ice cream but not a deal-breaker to give the area a visit if you’re not local.

I do want to make another trip sometime since there’s a ton of food places left to try…

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