Shimura Japanese Restaurant 

The chirashi bowl ( 14 ) I ordered comes with miso soup and some pickled vegetables. I can’t stand pickled food ( vinegar in general ) so I didn’t taste it. The miso soup is decent– just your standard miso soup.

The chirashi was okay… it wasn’t terrible but the quality of the fish was a bit lacking. It didn’t taste fresh? Like the shrimp was cold/stiff… 

The rice was too uhh fluffy? Not in a good way, generally for chirashi the rice is light so it balances with the fish but the rice for this bowl felt like it was just scooped from a rice cooker. Even eating every bite of fish with rice I still had about 3/4 of my rice left..

The salmon roll ( 9 ) was ordered by my sister who said there was too little rice LOL Like there wasn’t enough to keep it from falling apart. She also said the salmon was a bit bitter????


Unagi ( 6 )  was also ordered by sister who said it was oddly cold for SOMETHING charred at the ends…

To be honest I was pretty disappointed given that this was a Japanese-owned restaurant in a Japanese plaza. I guess I just expected a higher emphasis on freshness? 😫

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