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I decided to start this blog after a few nudges from my friends! Since it’s for fun, it’ll be a very informal format… nonetheless I hope you guys enjoy! I might post about restaurants I visit or just a quick blurb about a new product I picked up at the grocery store. Anything food-related is fair game.

I’m by no means a professional food critic and admittedly very picky so please don’t take my opinion as fact. I think you guys will learn my biases over time. 😉

[ Author ]

I usually go by “Rabu” or RabuRabbit on the interwebz, though more recently, I’ve shortened it to Rabubit which makes it sound similar to the word “rabbit”.

I’m into fashion ( I have a fashion design degree ) and geeky things like video games, anime, and musicals.

If you need to contact me, you can tweet me @ RABUBIT

[ Name ]

RABUBITes is read similar to “rabu bites” or love bites. ( I love puns don’t judge)  The “es” stands for eat sinfully because everyone should indulge once in a while. 😉