Meito Strawberry Milk Chocolate THERE’S ONLY FIVE IN A BAG. The strawberry filling isn’t as runny as in the picture… it’s more jelly-like. It tastes okay but uhh you can’t really taste strawberry or milk… it just tastes like chocolate..  I wouldn’t buy this again lol 😂😂

Shimura Japanese Restaurant 

The chirashi bowl ( 14 ) I ordered comes with miso soup and some pickled vegetables. I can’t stand pickled food ( vinegar in general ) so I didn’t taste it. The miso soup is decent– just your standard miso soup. The chirashi was okay… it wasn’t terrible but the quality of the fish was…

Kiku Garlic Salmon Bowl 

I usually recommend Kiku in Huntington Beach ( across Westminster mall ) to friends who love salmon and aren’t on a budget. You get a ton of fish, it’s super fresh, and they have a bunch of unique rolls if you’re into those. The drawback is that this place is pretty pricey compared to your…

HIKARI Japanese BBQ and Grill

Who doesn’t love yakiniku? After attending a Touken Ranbu event in Torrance, I was craving some Japanese cuisine! 🙂